Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Sign up to get the gift pack
  2. Buy packs from our store usually for $1
  1. Choose emoji to share
  2. Long Press and Hold (to bring up menu)
  3. Select 'Share' / 'Copy'
  4. 'Paste' into TXT messages or chat field
  1. Choose emoji to share
  2. Right click (to bring up menu)
  3. Copy image URL
  4. Switch to other app/window
  5. Paste
We are currently web-only. You can appify smokemoji on your phone by going to in your phone’s browser (Safari on iOS), tapping the "up" arrow button at the bottom of the page, and selecting the "+" "add to home screen" button. Voila! App!
About half of Americans have tried cannabis and around six percent use it regularly, not to mention the hundreds of millions of cannabis consumers and allies worldwide.
  1. Smokemoji facilitates communication among a vast under-served community. According to the language theorist Walter Ong, we are moving into an age of “hyper-orality” rich in multimedia. A picture can speak a thousand words, and an emoji is now the 5th most popular character used on Twitter. But due to cannabis prohibition, the vast community of user is barred from this type of hyper-oral expression on many platforms.
  2. We think Smokemojis are fun and people will pay us to help them more accurately express themselves.
We’re based in San Francisco, and Marin County, of course. You can reach us by sending an email to We want to hear emoji suggestions, questions, comments, as well as advertising and investment queries. was registered in January 2015.